Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Police hit Rome's Casamonica clan with 31 arrests


Rome, July 17 - Italian police on Tuesday made 31
arrest as they hit the Casamonica Roman crime family.
Six people are missing and presumed to be on the run, police
The arrests were made in the Italian capital and in the
provinces of Reggio Calabria and Cosenza in Calabria, police
The suspects are accused of creating an organisation
dedicated to drug trafficking, extortion and loan sharking, all
aggravated by using mafia methods.
Among those arrested is Domenico Spada of the eponymous Rome
and Ostia crime family, aka Vulcano and a former boxing
"They didn't need to use violence, the Casamonica name was
enough," said anti-mafia prosecutor Michele Prestipino.
Locales in Rome including a disco in Testaccio and a
restaurant near the Pantheon were sequestered.
Searches turned up 50,000 euros in cash, current accounts,
cars and dozens of luxury watches.
The so-called 'Romanina clan', from the eastern district of
the Italian capital, held sway over criminal activity in much of
Rome, investigators said.
Because of their Roma and Traveller origins, they were also
known as the Gypsies.
The clan was bust wide open, police said, thanks to the
State's evidence of the sister-in-law of a boss, the partner of
Massimiliano Casamonica, brother of clan chieftain Giuseppe
Never accepted by the clan, she is now under police
protection and her identity is being protected too,
investigators said.
The second crucial informant is a Calabria-born man who has
lived in Rome for many years.
He is said to have managed drugs operations for the
Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi said "the Carabinieri operation
went very well, my compliments".
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said "we are winning against
organised crime".
Defence Undersecretary Angelo Tofalo said "I'd like to thanks
the Carabinieri for a laudable operation at the end of a probe
that started in 2015".
The Casamonicas have long been the most powerful mafia-style
group in Rome and there was a scandal three summers ago when one
clan boss had a Godfather-like funeral complete with music from
the iconic film and rose petals dropped onto a horse-drawn
hearse from a helicopter.

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