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Dignity decree effects worse than estimates -employers


Rome, July 18 - The effects on jobs of the
government's so-called dignity decree against precarious work
will be "worse" than the estimate of 8,000 temp jobs a year lost
till 2028 made by pensions and social security agency INPS,
industrial employers' group Confindustria said Wednesday.
"The effects of the decree will be worse than the INPS
estimates, said Confindustria Director-General Marcella Panucci
in a hearing at the Lower House.
She said that "while pursuing objectives we can share", the
decree makes "more uncertain and unpredictable the framework of
rules" for firms, "discouraging investments and limiting
Panucci said "brusque U-turns in ongoing reforms must be
She called new norms on relocating businesses abroad
"punitive and murky".
Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio, the architect of
the decree, dismissed Confindustria's criticism, accusing the
employers' group of waging "psychological terrorism to stop us
changing things".
Di Maio went on to say that it would be a "good thing" if
parliament "improves" the decree.

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