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>>>ANSA/ Italian museums open during summer holidays


(by Marzia Apice).
Rome, August 8 - Art is not going on holiday this
summer with museums across Italy open throughout August,
including on the 15th.
Marc Chagall will be the protagonist at the civic museum of
Villa Colloredo Mels in Recanati with the show "Marc Chagall. Le
favole ed alter storie" (Marc Chagall. Fables and other
The exhibit, which runs until September 30, focuses on the
artist's fascination for La Fontaine's work, which he
represented through the technique of engraving.
On display, alongside the illustrations of the Fables will be
two artworks rarely exhibited on loan from an Italian private
collection - King David and His Harp and Musicien et Danseuse.
The National museum of contemporary art and architecture in
Rome MAXXI will offer throughout the month of August (including
on the 15th) a special 7-euro ticket to visit its 12 exhibits
and ongoing special projects.
The museum will also remain open until 10 pm on Thursdays.
Events include a display of the work of 40 African artists in
"African Metropolis An imaginary city", which runs through
November 4, and "Road to justice", until October 14.
Bauhaus architecture will be the focus of "Tel Aviv, the
White City", running through September 2, and Bruno Zevi's work
and students in "Zevi's architects", until September 23.
The exhibit "Capolavori del Trecento. Il cantiere di Giotto,
Spoleto e l'Appennino" (Masterpieces of the 1300s. Giotto's
building site, Spoleto and the Appenines" will be showcased in
four Umbria cities: in Trevi at the Museo di San Francesco; in
Spoleto at the Museo Diocesano - Basilica di Sant'Eufemia and
the Museo Nazionale del Ducato; in Montefalco at the museum
complex of San Francesco.
The show runs through November 4 with 70 masterworks
highlighting how Umbria was at the center of an extraordinary
artistic revolution between the 13th and 14th centuries.
Turin's Museo del Cinema will be open and will offer visitors
the possibility of seeing, along with its permanent collection,
also "SoundFrames. Cinema and music on show", a project on the
connection between film and music.
The museum and its panoramic lift will also be open on August
15 from 9 am until 8 pm.
The Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan will offer special projects
including one on August 16 when a ticket from 6 until 10:15 pm
will only cost 3 euros, offering visitors the possibility of
seeing the entire collection, visiting all its rooms and
listening to the students of the Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio
Another opportunity on offer will be a free tour of the
Pinacoteca (including an entry ticket) to learn about the
history of the museum and its collections with a special focus
on great masterpieces (until August 22).
Milan's Palazzo Reale will also be open and offer events
including the exhibit "Bonalumi 1958 - 2013" (until September
30) five years after the death of the painter Agostino Bonalumi
(1935-2013), and "Pino Pinelli. Pittura oltre il limite" (or
painting beyond the limit, until September 16), the first
dedicated to the master of analytic painting.
Another show will focus on luxury - "Luxus. Lo Stupore della
Bellezza" (surprising beauty, until September 30) while "Alik
Cavaliere. L'universo verde", (the green universe), will
showcase the sculptor's evolution and his focus on nature on the
20th anniversary of his death.
In Genoa, Palazzo Ducale will be open in August and will
offer on the 15th a special ticket for 5 euros to visit the show
"México, la pittura dei grandi muralisti e gli scatti di vita di
Frida Kahlo e Diego Rivera" on the art of great muralists and
photos portraying Khalo and Rivera and to see the Torre
Grimaldina, the prison and formal rooms.

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