Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Gangs maimed people for insurance scam


Rome, August 8 - Police in the Sicilian city of
Palermo have busted two dangerous criminal organizations that
allegedly deliberately caused serious injuries to people's arms
and legs as part of an insurance scam, sources said Wednesday.
The injured people allegedly gave consent for the harm, even
though in some cases they ended up in wheelchairs or had to use
crutches for long periods of time, in the hope they could obtain
money from insurance companies by claiming the injuries were
caused by road accidents, the sources said.
The gang picked on people on the margins of society who were
desperate for cash - drug addicts, people with mental-health
problems, people in serious economic difficulty.
The methods used to injure people for the scam allegedly
included smashing iron weight plates into their limbs.
Promises made to give them money were not kept, the sources
The investigation started after a Tunisian who agreed to take
part in the scam, Yacoub Hadri, died of a heart attack while
suffering the injuries in January 2017.
A consultant concluded that the injuries he suffered were
incompatible with the fake accident he was said to have been
involved in.
Eleven people were detained in relation to the case and one
is on the run.
In total 60 people are under investigation, including 11
One of the women is a nurse at Palermo's Civico hospital who
allegedly provided the gangs with medicines and anaesthetics.

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