Lunedì, 25 Marzo 2019
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Some 821 million people hungry worldwide -UN


Rome, September 11 - Hunger affected around 821
million worldwide in 2017, meaning the level of people in
conditions of severe food insecurity has risen back up to that
of 10 years ago, according to a UN report released on Tuesday.
Hunger has been on the rise over the past three years, said
The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World.
The situation is worsening in South America and most regions
of Africa, while the decreasing trend in undernourishment that
characterized Asia seems to be slowing down significantly,
according to the report prepared by the UN's three Rome-based
food agencies, FAO, WFP and IFAD, along with UNICEF and the WHO.
Poor progress has been made in reducing child stunting, the
report said, with nearly 151 million children aged under five
too short for their age due to malnutrition in 2017,22%,
compared to 165 million in 2012.
Globally, Africa and Asia accounted for 39% and 55% of all
stunted children, respectively.
Prevalence of child wasting remains extremely high in Asia
where almost one in 10 children under five has low weight for
their height, compared to just one in 100 in Latin America and
the Caribbean.

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