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New Zealand attack serious alarm signal - Mattarella1

New Zealand attack serious alarm signal - Mattarella1

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(ANSA) - Ancona, March 15 - President Sergio Mattarella said
Friday that the Christchurch terror attack on two mosques was
"an extremely serious signal of alarm".
Speaking at the opening of the academic year of the
Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, the president
referred to names of figures the killer wrote on his guns.
These included Luca Traini, an Italian right-wing extremist
who was jailed for 12 years for shooting and wounding six
African migrants in the central city of Macerata last year, and
Sebastiano Venier, the Doge of Venice who defeated the Turks at
the Battle of Lepanto during the Fourth Ottoman-Venetian War
"They killed dozens of defenceless Muslims who were praying,"
Mattarella said.
"They put some names on the weapons, including that of Luca
Traini, who shot at every immigrant he came across a few months
ago in Macerata, and the name of Canadian who killed people in a
"Wiping out history wipes out the civilization that history
has built. It is the danger we have before us.
"Islamic terrorism... should be fought with attentive
prevention, the activities of the police and the judiciary, and
the power of the law.
"It is necessary to reject the preaching of hate and
confrontation that hits innocent people on all sides".

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