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Home English Battisti victim's son calls for 'at least 20 yrs in jail'

Battisti victim's son calls for 'at least 20 yrs in jail'

Battisti victim's son calls for 'at least 20 yrs in jail'

(ANSA) - Rome, March 26 - Cesare Battisti, the former
leftwing terrorist arrested in January after almost 40 years as
a fugitive to Italian justice, should be required to serve at
least 20 years in jail, the son of one of his victims said
"It is not up to me to say whether Battisti's apology is
sincere or not, nor to decide what intellectual objections his
lawyers may use. He has these opportunities and it is normal
that he uses them," Radio Capital was told by Alberto
Torregiani, the son of Pierluigi Torregiani, a jeweler killed by
Battisti on February 16, 1979.
"However, I believe that he must serve at least 20 years in
jail," he added. "I am fine with his later being granted some
benefits, if in line with the law", but to get them "it is not
enough to simply say that he is sorry".
On Monday, for the first time Battisti admitted
responsibility for the four murders he was convicted of, Milan
prosecutors said. Battisti also confessed to being behind three
cases of bodily harm and a number of robberies staged to finance
his terror group, the PAC, the prosecutors said.
Torregiani added that the family members of those killed by
Battisti had "never received any apology, any letter" and that
the apology had come via his lawyer.
Family members of his victims, he added, found this out
through the media.
Battisti should say who helped him remain a fugitive from
Italian justice for almost 40 years, one of the investigating
magistrates who dealt with the four murders he committed in
Italy's Years of Lead said Tuesday.
Battisti was long a fugitive in France and Brazil before the
latter extradited him to Italy to serve two life terms for the
murders last year.
On Monday he finally apologised for them in a statement some
saw as seeking time off his sentences.
"If he wants to give a tardy contribution," said former judge
Pietro Forno, "he could do by speaking about those who
supported, sustained, funded and helped his flight (from
justice) and his being on the run".
Forno said Battisti's statement Monday was a "normal
proclamation of the so-called disassociated (ex-terrorists) who
don't give any contribution to the authorities of the State they
say they respect".

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