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Dead ex-model and key Ruby witness threatened says lawyer

Dead ex-model and key Ruby witness threatened says lawyer

(ANSA) - Milan, March 26 - Imane Fadil, a 34-year-old former
model and one of the key witnesses in the 'Ruby' case against
former prime minister and media magnate Silvio Berlusconi, had
been threatened prior to her March 1 death, her lawyer stated in
legal deeds.
During the legal proceedings into Berlusconi's sex parties,
she was subjected to "threats, attempts to bribe her, and
pressure for her to revoke" her status as plaintiff, especially
by pro-Berlusconi witnesses and fellow party attendees Iris
Berardi and showgirl Barbara Guerra, the lawyer Paolo Sevesi
Berardi and Guerra were charged as part of the so-called Ruby
Ter (Ruby Three) probe into allegations Berlusconi bribed
witnesses to perjure themselves during two trials.
In 2015, Ivo Radaelli, a businessman who the media magnate
used to provide the girls with free apartments, was quoted as
telling investigators that Berlusconi had been "terrified at the
consequences of possible declarations" by the girls, especially
by Berardi and Guerra, "who several times told me they intended"
to talk, he said.
Radaelli said he learned that Berardi "began to see
Berlusconi when she was still a minor," and said that he was
"constantly involved in the continuous pressure from the girls",
who he claimed demanded money and homes in their names in
exchange for keeping quiet.
Fadil filed as plaintiff on February 25 through her lawyer on
February 25, when the model had already been hospitalized for
almost a month at the Humanitas research hospital.
Berlusconi and Roberta Bonasia have been charged in the 'Ruby
Ter' case. A hearing will be held on April 15, with corruption
in legal deeds and perjury the main charges.
The lawyer wrote in the deed that the Moroccan model had
suffered "moral damages" as well due to having suffered these
threats and pressure during the 'Ruby Bis' case - against
Emilio Fede, Lele Mora and Nicole Minetti - by Berardi and
Guerra, as Fadil had documented.
On March 21, it was announced that no evidence of
radioactivity had been found in Fadil's organs, who died after
complaining she was poisoned.
Prosecutors say Berlusconi paid women to lie about the nature
of his sex parties.
Berlusconi was initially convicted of paying for sex with
the underage 'exotic dancer' known as Ruby the Heartstealer but
was later acquitted after judges ruled he could not have known
she was a minor.
Berlusconi has since been indicted in a number of witness
tampering cases.

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