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DEF will be accompanied by growth decree - Di Maio

DEF will be accompanied by growth decree - Di Maio

(ANSA) - New York, March 27 - The government's upcoming
update of its DEF economic blueprint will be accompanied by a
growth decree, Deputy Premier and Industry and Labour Minister
Luigi Di Maio said in an interview with Class NBC on Wednesday.
"We will accompany the economic and financial document (DEF)
with a growth decree," he said.
"Let's not play in defence but let's go onto the attack".
Di Maio added that New York investors had voiced confidence
in the government which was a a spur to going ahead and said
that "we are working for growth that will live up to
The minister also told CNBC that "I'm confident there will
not be clashes with the EU" on the budget.
Di Maio added that the Alitalia operation will not only be a
rescue but also a "relaunch".
He said Delta Airlines "is one of the best airlines in the
world", and the other partners in the "market operation" will be
decided by Delta and Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), the Italian rail
group that is handling the turnaround.
On Italy's signing the Belt and Road Initiative with Chinese
President Xi Jinping two days before Xi signed accords with
France, he said it was "better to have arrived before".

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