Sabato, 19 Ottobre 2019
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Govt will last full mandate,Di Maio tells NY investors

Govt will last full mandate,Di Maio tells NY investors

(ANSA) - New York, March 27 - The 5-Star(M5S)-League
government will last its full five-year mandate up to 2023,
Deputy Premier and Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio,
the M5S leader, told investors in New York Wednesday.
Di Maio said there was an "absolute will" to get to the end
of the legislative term with the same government team.
The minister explained to the investors "Phase Two" of the
government's budget project, "characterised by a more marked
emphasis on investments, growth and economic development".
The investors voiced interest in Phase One of the
government's action and in the basic income as a useful
instrument to boost internal demand, sources said.
Di Maio then reiterated the government's determination to cut
public debt by investments that will boost growth and thus bring
down the debt to GDP ratio.
The minister said he shared the concerns on growth of
business lobby Confindustria which on Wednesday slashed its 2019
growth forecast to zero.

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