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Salvini meets terror bus boy heroes

Salvini meets terror bus boy heroes

(ANSA) - Rome, March 27 - Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on
Wednesday met terror bus boy heroes Ramy Sherata and Adam El
Hamami at the interior ministry in Rome.
Salvini, who has changed his mind and decided to award them
Italian citizenship, also met with the 49 other children from
Crema and the Carabinieri who rescued them thanks to the pair's
phone calls.
He then took the group for a stroll and an ice cream.
Egyptian Sherata, 13, will be granted his wish for Italian
citizenship after hiding his phone from the Senagalese-Italian
schoolbus hijacker and calling in police to rescue the 51 kids
before the man torched the vehicle outside Milan.
Tunisian El Hamami, 12, who called the police after Sherata,
is also set for citizenship for special merits.
Salvini drew flak after initially turning Sherata's wish
down, saying he should be elected if he wanted to change Italy's
law allowing foreigners born in Italy to apply for citizenship
only after they turn 18.
The case prompted Italy's centre-left opposition to again
call ofr a ius soli (law of the soil) law granting citizenship
to kids much earlier.
Salvini rejected all talk of a ius soli law, which narrowly
failed to get through the last centre-left-led parliament.
Receiving the group Wednesday, Salvini said "I have had the
disgusting sensation that the Crema kids were used by some
people to wage a political battle".

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